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Espelette Beverly Hills, created by acclaimed chef Steve Benjamin and the award-winning culinary team of Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, features coastal Mediterranean flavors accented by European influences. Reserve your table

Coastal European Flavors

Drawing inspiration from neighboring regions such as Italy, Spain, and Greece, the artfully crafted menu is an exquisite ode to the European Coast. Made to share, the seasonally driven menu features farm to table and locally sourced ingredients, highlighting contemporary California flavors and classical techniques, for a tableside experience meant to inspire conviviality.

Artfully Crafted Cocktails

The cocktail programmed, playfully invokes the spirit of the Mediterranean, drawing on flavors, aromas and nodes meant to transport your senses to the European Coast.

Espelette Beverly Hills Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Monday - Sunday

7am - 12pm

Wednesday - Saturday

5:30pm - 10pm

Bar & Lounge

Wednesday - Saturday
4:00pm - 11pm

Social Hour

Monday - Friday
4pm - 7pm

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